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License and Regulations

Sportfishing in Alaska requires a license, which can be purchased online for different durations during a calendar year. Llearn more about purchasing a license at (Alaska Fish & Game) or we can assist you with the process once you arrive at the lodge.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, along with the Marine Fisheries Commission, actively manages the harvesting of fish to the benefit of all users. Find the most up-to-date regulations at There is no need to study up before you arrive as we will make sure you stay within the guidelines while you are fishing with us.

Expected limits for the upcoming saltwater season include daily catch limits of two halibut a day (one less than 38” and the other over 80”), six silver salmon any size, and one king salmon (28” or longer). King salmon annual possession limits are three fish in June, two fish from July 1-7th,  and one fish from July 8th forward. Any king caught January through June and July 1-7th applies toward the July 1-7th and July 8th forward limits, respectively.

For our freshwater fishing guests, we promote catch-and-release. Because of conservation regulations on many Alaska waters, anglers should become familiar with and practice proper catch-and-release methods. Fish will live to spawn or bite again if gently released, helping maintain healthy fishable populations.

  • Land fish quickly, when possible
  • Handle fish gently, supporting the head and tail
  • Keep fish in the water whenever possible
  • Keep hands and fingers away from gills
  • Carefully remove hook or cut line
  • Revive fish by moving it gently back and forth in the water before releasing it
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